Twice the lovers, twice the trouble

There are only so many times a woman can get kidnapped before she has to reevaluate her life choices.
For me, that day should have come a long time ago.
Who knew getting mixed up with the two sexiest superhumans on the planet would lead to so much more than friction burns in delicate places?
Being betrayed by my best friend? Check. Uncovering a plot to overthrow the city’s government? Check. Ending up in the most unlikely love triangle in history? Check. Finding out I’m destined to love not one, but two of the planet’s most dangerous men…? Yeah. That too.
But this time, it’s not just my life at stake. It’s everyone in this blasted city, and I’m the only one who can help them.

Fourth and final part of the paranormal romantic suspense serial “Darkness.”

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