Twice the lovers, twice the trouble

If there was an award for Worst Ever Choice of Lover, curvy blogger Kathryn Smith would have won it. Twice.
Sure, the two supernatural beings who have decided she belongs to them are hot as hell and make her bed plead for mercy for hours at a time.
And yeah, they did sorta-maybe get her chubby ass out of trouble more than once.
But they’re both overbearing, domineering and completely impossible to read - not to mention one’s an insufferable jerk while the other’s a straight-up psychopathic killer.
The only thing that could make Kathryn’s love life any worse would be if some insane superhuman with a grudge against her lovers decided to kidnap her with the promise of a slow and painful death
- if she doesn’t tell him exactly how to kill the two men her stupid heart aches for.
Oh, wait…

Third part of the paranormal romantic suspense serial ‘Darkness’.

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